About Me


BeFunky_IMG_4225.jpgMy name is Adriane Garbayo. I am a wife to an amazing and very supportive husband, who is also a passionate birth advocate. Recently, we gave birth to our first born, a beautiful little boy! We felt that his birth was not a medical event, but was a spiritual and emotional journey…a rite of passage for both of us and one that we will never forget. I understand now, more than ever, the importance of encouraging each woman to find her own voice and the significance of having a loving and supportive birth team.

I have been supporting couples through their birth journeys since 2011. I am a Certified Doula through DONA International, a Birthing From Within Mentor, as well as an OSHA Certified Independent Encapsulation Specialist through Full Circle. With a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others, I began my professional career in non-profit healthcare fundraising. However, in 2008, at the birth of my first niece my life was changed. Experiencing my twin sister labor was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I was deeply moved by her power and strength. I was completely synced into the rhythm of her labor.  I had found my calling as a doula! For the next several years I pored over literature and learned everything I could about the amazing process of pregnancy and birth. It is an absolute blessing for me to do the work that I do and am honored by every mother (and couple) who has shared this beautiful and transitional time in their lives with me. I am deeply passionate about inspiring each pregnant and laboring woman to trust her intuition and discover her inner strength; helping her return from the birth journey proud of her effort and empowered by her will; and encouraging each couple toward a strengthened confidence and belief in themselves as family and as the parents to the amazing little life they’ve just welcomed!

My professional affiliations include: Season’s Within Doula Group, DONA International, Doulas Association of Southern California (DASC), Birthing From Within, Got Doula?, and Full Circle Placenta Encapsulation


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