Behind Our Name

goddess.jpgMany times there is a moment in a woman’s labor when she completely surrenders to her work. She is no longer in the present physical world, but is deep within. In this place she is one with her intuition, her inner voice. She may stand or sit swaying with the rhythm of her labor. She may be moaning or howling her labor song. In this moment her inner goddess shines through her. All in witness of her are in silent awe. She is beautiful, she is strong, and dare I say, she is sexy! In honor of this goddess moment I have named my business Bona Dea.

Bona Dea translates from Latin as “Good Goddess” and was a nickname given to a Roman mythological feminine deity. In Roman antiquity, Bona Dea was a goddess that only women could honor. Only women knew her true name and only women could pay homage to her. It was through woman that men learned of her and honored her. In my opinion, Bona Dea is quite the parallel to birth itself. Bona Dea was also thought to be a protector of women, a guardian of the Maiden’s chastity, the giver of the mother’s fertility, and the protector of childbirth.