Childbirth Preparation Classes

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I teach BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® childbirth preparation. In your classes, you will learn how to:

  • Explore the physiology of birth and learn how you can prepare your body physically for labor.
  • Discover the types of knowing needed in birth – Ancient, Modern, and Self
  • Prepare for the intensity of labor by learning a variety of pain coping practices
  • Explore your inner resources and tap into your inner strengths
  • Prepare your mind, body, and spirit for whatever birth may bring
  • Discover and build a new confidence as parents that can assist in birth and beyond
  • Prepare for life as a new family at home and explore your role as mother and father

BIRTHING FROM WITHIN classes are not:

  • Dull lectures, handouts, and videos. Instead, you and your partner will experience enjoyable learning through lively discussions and thought provoking activities
  • Outcome Focused. We understand that birth can twist and turn in many different directions. We do not promise that if you practice or believe a certain thing, you will achieve a specific birth outcome. Instead, we focus on preparing your mind, body, and spirit for whatever birth may bring
  • About a relaxing or “pain-free” birth experience. Instead, we focus on strategies for coping with the pain and challenges of labor because the truth is, birth is hard work.

Class Schedules

You and your partner can choose between two class schedule options:

  • Weekly Classes. This option consists of six 90 minute classes held in Claremont. Each class is held 1 week apart.
  • Weekend Intensives. For busy parents, this option offers six weeks of classes in two day-long Saturday or Sunday classes held in Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga or Riverside. Each class is held 1 month apart.


My fee is $325, per couple. $150 deposit holds your place and the balance of $175 is due on the first day of class. I also have scholarships available for those in financial need.

Part of the BIRTHING FROM WITHIN philosophy is that the essence of childbirth education is self-discovery, not the assimilation of obstetric information. However, if you are looking for additional information about hospital policies and research-based information about birth you may benefit from accompanying your BIRTHING FROM WITHIN class with a hospital or Bradley childbirth class.

For more information about BIRTHING FROM WITHIN please visit

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